The twelfth and final day of Christmas, January 6, was known in Ireland as Nollaig na mBan or Women’s Christmas or Little Christmas. As a reward for their hard work over the Christmas season, it was a day off from all house work for women and traditional roles were supposed to be reversed in the home: men did the women’s work in the house while women rested and gathered together informally.

Women’s Christmas was well known in some areas, such as in Cork and Kerry, but the tradition that had largely died out, is slowly undergoing a revival.

In keeping with that tradition, Kilkenny RTAI has been marking Nollaig na mBan for a good few years now with Afternoon Teas etc for members.

Today was no exception and a large group of members met in Langton’s Hotel for a Nollaig na mBan brunch. By all accounts it was a wonderful gathering. We hope all our members have a special day today and continued blessings and good health in 2023.