We wish all our members and their families a Happy Christmas and all best wishes and blessings for the New Year. We’ve gone though another difficult year due to Covid and the various restrictions on our lives.

At times we might feel that the situation is hopeless and never ending. We wish for things to go back to ‘normal’. But will they go back to ‘normal’?

Maybe we should look at our ‘new normal’ as we face into the New Year. How has the pandemic changed you and how you relate to others? Do you see things through a different lens? What have you done differently? Are you more appreciative now of the things you ‘took for granted’.

We remember those who have lost loved ones during the last year; those who have suffered because of Covid and those who have found themselves in a dark place during this pandemic. We pray that they will be supported by their families, friends and neighbours and receive comfort, peace and hope at this time.

We leave you with this beautiful poem by Laura Kelley Fanucci and may it be an inspiration to us in these difficult times. The cover photo is by Pauline O’ Brien AIPF.

Covid Poem

When this is over,
may we never again
take for granted
A handshake with a stranger
Full shelves at the store
Conversations with neighbors
A crowded theatre
Friday night out
The taste of communion
A routine checkup
The school rush each morning
Coffee with a friend
The stadium roaring
Each deep breath
A boring Tuesday
Life itself.

When this ends,
may we find
that we have become
more like the people
we wanted to be 
we were called to be
we hoped to be
and may we stay
that way–better
for each other
because of the worst.

– Laura Kelley Fanucci

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