We were treated to a wonderful zoom presentation by Ian Mc Cullagh (Birdwatch Ireland, Kilkenny Branch) on “Birds in the Kilkenny Area” last Tuesday. He introduced us to the birds that are familiar to our gardens, hedgerows and woodlands; giving us details of their habitats, feeding habits, their young and their beautiful birdsong.

Ian related much of what he told us to bird visitors to his own garden and to the area near where he lives. The insights we gained will certainly make us more aware, observant and appreciative of our “feathered” friends. In fact, on the following day, I noticed 2 species of birds in my garden that I hadn’t seen there before.

Ian also told us about the work of Birdwatch Ireland and the benefits of being a member of the organisation. He also gave us a list of contacts, websites, apps, books and events etc that you might find useful. Ian obviously put a lot of thought and work into his presentation and the feedback from members who logged in was very positive. We really appreciate his time and hard work in making the event so enjoyable and such a success. We also thank him for the use of the feature image with this post.