Recently members of Kilkenny RTA spent a very enjoyable morning in the company of Gerry Moran, retired principal and creative writer. Gerry entertained the gathering with stories and readings from his life experiences including growing up in Fatima Place, his first kiss, serving Mass in the Black Abbey, his schooldays and call to teacher training. He explored different escapades during his career and his gift of creative writing.

In one of his poems called, “Christmas Morning in the Black Abbey”, he recalls serving Mass at 6 o’ clock one Christmas. Here is a short quote:

A stillness permeates the church.

All is calm, all is bright

As after mass the infant Jesus

Is placed in the crib, hushed with love and mystery.

The miracle of Christmas

The presence of Christ,

Palpable almost in this ancient

Hallowed place of worship

This stilly Christmas morning

For me there will never be a more sacred Christmas moment.

My soul as clear and crystal as the frost

My young heart pure and pumping

My mind a glorious communion of Christmas joy and awe.

Thank you Gerry for your company and sharing and we wish you and your family a Christmas filled with happiness, joy and awe.